New Procedures Resulting from Covid- 19 Risk Assessment

Before Appointment

Checking symptoms, acknowledging risk, track and trace

Give the client the CSA consent form by email and draw their attention to checking their symptoms and that they must let me know if they develop symptoms within the next week. 

Therapist to check their own health also too and and follow government guidelines in and out of work life.

Client to bring

Invite client to bring any water or blankets and explain that there will be towels, but they will not be as snuggly.

Ask client to wear a mask.

Protective clothing

Therapist and client required to wear a mask during time together. During the session, therapist to wear visor in addition. Overall or fresh clothes to be used for treatment and changed afterwards.


Open windows when therapist arrives, check with client if they would rather close during the appointment for privacy or temperature.

Cleaning before client

Clean door knobs, banisters if touched, toilet area if used

Couch, any chairs to be used.

Change into overall or clothes for client

Blankets and pillows

I will have pillows covered in a washable plastic cover and clean (for each client) pillow cases

I will have towels you can use as a blanket but they are not as snuggly so if you would prefer a blanket please bring your own.

Minimising length of time in the room to 45 mins as recommended

Have talk on phone just before session while they are in their car. Can leave the room while putting shoes on etc.

Phone call (in car - if possible)

Around 15 minutes

Last check for symptoms:-

1) High temperature

2) Recent onset of new continuous cough

3) Loss of normal sense of smell or taste

Discussion of any symptoms etc

Minimise what the client needs to touch.

Prop or hold doors open and ask them not to touch things.

Cleaning hands

Client and Therapist to use sanitiser at entrance on entering and exiting building.

Sanitiser in room too. 

Clean up afterwards

Strip off pillow cases couch roll etc, into laundry bag

Clean couch, plastic on pillows, door knobs, toilet area if used, banisters if used

Take off overall or other

Wash hands

Put outdoor clothes on.