Empowering Individuals & Organisations with Mindfulness in Exeter & the UK

Alison teaches mindfulness in Exeter and the wider UK and online, empowering organisations and individuals. She has particular experience supporting client's in a mindful recovery (including recovery from and self management of pain, stress, anxiety, sleep problems, operations and illnesses (especially fatigue conditions (such as Long Covid and Chronic Fatigue) ).

Recovery Mindfulness in Exeter

Using mindfulness we can come into the joy of the present moment. One of the ways many people find they can reach that space is out in nature. For example it is very easy to go on a walk and charge around that walk without really noticing what we're doing, another thing to tick off the to do list! What if we take notice of what's around us? We could look at the gnarliness of the trees, listen to the bird song, become aware of the process of each step and how the weight on our feet can be like a rolling forward motion. That experience has just become much more beautiful, peaceful and settling. This is the energy of mindfulness.


Mindfulness is also about promoting attitudes such as compassion, being non judgemental, accepting and gratitude. Sometimes we seem to forget that we are biological systems/animals not machines and our bodies need to be taken care of. Kindness can be so powerful. When we are dealing with difficulties it's easy to push away our feelings emotional or physical within mindfulness we can learn a way of holding ourselves that is much more comfortable and supportive of recovery.


This 'way of being' can bring relief in many areas of our lives, including relationships, pain, illness, sleep, anxiety and stress and this has been very well shown in research by teams such as those led by Jon Kabat Zinn and Mark Williams.


Alison teaches mindfulness in Exeter to groups and individuals, as a one off or as a course, for businesses and the public, on line and in person. Alison has been trained as a Mindfulness Now teacher,  which uses a mix of the two most famous and well researched branches of mindfulness MBSR ( Jon Kabat Zinn's Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT  (Mark William's Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy).

I've suffered a great many catastrophes in my life. Most of them never happened - Mark Twain

Classes for Mindfulness in Exeter or online

Want to teach yourself to be calmer, more resilient, a more creative thinker? Want support in recovery from anxiety or an illness such as a fatigue condition (eg Long Covid or Chronic fatigue) etc...? Alison provides individual and group classes in mindfulness in Exeter and online, including meditation, developing mindful attitudes and mindful movement. Alison particularly enjoys the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh (Plum Village) but likes to take inspiration from many sources.


Introduction to Mindfulness - 1 hour taster session

Mindfulness Classes - Weekly class

Mindfulness for Recovery - 1 hour taster session or 8 week course

Mindfulness for Anxiety - 1 hour taster session or 8 week course

Mindfulness for Fatigue Conditions- 1 hour taster session or 8 week course

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Mindfulness at Work

Picture a more peaceful, focussed, well team, able to think more creatively.......

Mindfulness has been shown to reduce absenteism and improve concentration, creative thinking and resilience.

Alison provides off the shelf and taylor-made work based courses and tasters in mindfulness in Exeter and the wider UK or online.


Mindfulness at work - 1 hour taster or 8 week course

Mindfulness for recovery - 1 hour taster or 8 week course

Mindfulness for Fatigue Conditions - 1 hour taster or 8 week course

Back to Work Mindfully - 1 hour taster or 8 week course

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