Reiki in Exeter's Heart

Alison welcomes you for a deeply relaxing treatment of Reiki in Exeter; just for you, or to help conditions such as anxiety, fatigue, pain, injuries and more. Clients often find Reiki treatments deeply nourishing and may feel a warm glow or see pleasant lights during a session. Alison practices Reiki at Exeter Natural Health Centre. Her particular experience includes using energy therapy to address anxiety, stress, fatigue (e.g. M.E), spinal problems, chronic pain, insomnia, migraines, relationship difficulties, birth trauma and 'stuck' injuries etc where nothing else seems to work. Alison is immensely inspired by watching Clients' spiritual journeys, and by using heart chakra energy; if we can begin to love ourselves, much of our life seems to fall into place.

Reiki can feel like a gentle glow

Just for today,

Free from anger,

Free from worry, 

Humble, honest,


Reiki Therapy Exeter, great for anxiety

Reiki practitioners channel 'ki' energy to work with a client’s own ki system. This can improve function of the mind, body and spirit, allow healing and break down any blockages. This ‘ki ‘ or ‘chi’ energy is also found in Martial Arts, Acupuncture and Tai Chi and Reiki is now often combined with Chakra work.

Reiki originated in Japan as Mikao Usui taught others a path to enlightenment, with healing abilities as a side extra. Late in his life, Mikao developed the use of symbols so that he could teach Medical Officers to heal more quickly. Variations of these symbols are now used throughout the world in various different branches of Reiki. Alison has studied the Japanese style of Reiki in Exeter, which is as close as possible to Mikao Usui's original method.

For some time there have been many anecdotes about how helpful people have found Reiki, but the scientific community requires comprehensive studies. A large scale research study was undertaken recently into the effects of a single session of Reiki. This was conducted by Dr Natalie Leigh Dyer of Harvard Medical School (among others). The study concluded that 'a single session of Reiki improves multiple variables related to physical and psychological health'. This has been published here The qualitative results are to be published later this year, see for more details.

During a first treatment Alison takes a case history and then uses a variety of hand positions to channel ‘ki’  where it is needed. Alison would love to hear from you and invites you to book an appointment for Reiki in Exeter.

Alison's Lineage is :-   Mikao Usui
                                      Suzuki San
                                      Chris Marsh
                                      Taggart King
                                      Lucie Emmett
                                     Alison Macdonald

Reiki Price
 Adults  £40

Alison has a limited number of concessionary places, please contact her if required.

Reiki is not intended as primary healthcare, but to work alongside the service provided by your Doctor.